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Relocating from New Jersey and with all the transition weight gain resulted I was feeling a sense of loss and then found a great community of people.
You Kathleen Noelia Denise encouraged me and gave valuable tips. I discovered a community of support that is priceless words cannot express the gratitude I have for all your caring and interest in my goal To all no boundaries participants congratulations! Keep Calm and move just move one foot at a time
Remember We rise and We are " fabulous "- Maryann 

"Eva thank you so much for being so inspirational. There were times I dreamt I was running."-Sheryl

"A BIG thanks to Eva for all her encouragement and coaching. I agree with Sharon we are better people and runners because of the program. Behind every great coach are mentors and my thanks for each one. Thanks again to the No Boundaries group (past and present) you made it all worthwhile. Before I started running I spent many dollars on shoes and gadgets. The No Boundaries program was the best investment I made in running!"- Mary Ann Sp. 2015

"Eva, the atmosphere of the group and it's success is really due to you, your hard work, your dedication, and your inspiring us, week in, week out! You're incredible:-).  I also want to thank Kathleen, Denise, and Noellia for being awesome mentors, not just to me, but to Eleni as well! It's so great that she can run ahead of Mom (lol) with folks who both challenge and nurture her! This group has been a godsend to us both!- Despina SP 15
"Eva really is an encourager; although I didn’t make the 5K, I will be back in September to try it again!!"- Gayle, Spring 2015
"A big thanks to you for all that you did for us; the commitment to us to make us not only better runners, but healthier people. You were always there to push us and encourage us. It’s obviously more than just a business to you, you really care about the people too. I really believe you’ve changed a lot of peoples lives for the better-me for one. I can honestly say that I enjoyed every one of the members of No Boundaries that I talked to and felt a special bond with every one of them. Such a great group! I hope to continue for many years to come. Who knows, maybe I will attempt a Marathon before I turn 70 (well, one can dream…). First I have to run my first 5K and since I ended up sick on race day this year, we will try again next year. I was so sad to have had to miss it and was so looking forward to it ☹.  A special thanks to Mentor Kathleen that always kept me moving even when I grumbled and complained, but did it in a fun, instructive way. Thanks for your dedication."  S. Kennedy, Spring 2015

Thanks Fleet Feet Sports, You taught me how to run at my age (56).  Never ran before.  I now have finished several 5k and a 10k, doing ½ in Dec.  THANKS ALL TO YOU!!!  You got me there.  THANKS FOR ALL THE SUPPORT!!!!   Your NOBO training programs are the GREATEST!!!  -TeriAnn 10/13/13


Comments from No Boundaries Fall 2012 Alumni

We are very thankful for being able to join this running /walking  group.  What a great group of people to share our passion with.  It helps to get off the couch when you are accountable to get out there.  We Appreciate the friendship and the knowledge we receive.---Steve and Lisa


Although I didn't/couldn't participate in all of the training I though that your program was very good.  The race you chose was a good one as well.  A lot of fun, festive activities.  I will tell others to join the upcoming NoBo Program-it's always fun with a group.  It was impressive the goals and success' that runners had with your program.  Keep up the good work and smiles! --- Sandy


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