Fleet Feet Sports Rancho Cucamonga is dedicated to help you pursue your goals in running and walking. Whether your goal is to train for your first 5K or to run your fastest marathon, our expert staff and coaching team can help you reach the next level. 

Most recent testimony, 8/8/17:

"I was introduced to FFSRC in January, 2016.  I think this was meant to be because the day I happened to call for information, was the first day for the No Boundaries Training for Spring.  I was ready and open to try something new that would encourage me to get out and start moving from my sedentary lifestyle.  I have a gym membership but hardly ever set foot in the gym.  From the minute I met Eva, I was totally committed to give this training a try.  I committed to go Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays.  Eva, David and everyone at NoBo were very welcoming and encouraging.  I never felt less than the others even though it was well established from the beginning that I was to become a turtle.  I walk and "run" so slow but I was consistent.  In 2016, I was training at least six days a week, I enrolled to NoBo for all three sessions, I participated in three-5K races and  one-10k at the beginning of December.  Unfortunately, after my last race, I experienced a flare up of my auto immune disorder and as a result I was not able to return to Nobo for Spring 2017.  In fact, I could barely move, much less walk.  This 2017, I have been concentrating in getting better, seeking many alternative and traditional treatments.  Eva has always kept in touch and has remained supportive and motivating.  In mid-June I started going out on a trail closer home, starting to walk slower than a turtle for 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes and now I am up to 40 minutes sometimes being able to hit 2 miles!  This is such an accomplishment and I can't say enough about how great it feels to be back in the outdoors, enjoying and soaking in every second that I am able to be out there.  Yes, I have better days than others but I have enrolled to go back to NoBo's Fall session!  Through NoBo I met one of my best friends, Helen, and my life has not been the same.  We are there to support and encourage one another and she has been there even during this difficult time and I am yet, so grateful that through NoBo I was able to meet such a wonderful soul.  I hope that my story serves to  encourage you out there who suffer from an immune disorder like I do and even if you do not suffer from any ailment to come meet us.  Eva, David, their team and everyone at NoBo are very positive, encouraging, motivating, supportive, full of great positive energy that is totally contagious.  I hope other turtles out there want to come and join me as I continue this great adventure with this awesome group.  See you in September!"

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No Boundaries Training Program More Info »

Program Start: Fall- September, Winter- January, Spring- April
Program Schedule: Every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. and Saturday at 8:30 a.m.
Goal Race: Reindeer Run 5k in Ontario for Fall, Santa Anita Derby 5k for Winter, and the Claremont 5000 5k for Spring
Program Fee: $85 First time participants, $75 Returning

Half-Marathon Training Program More Info »

Program Start: Monday, July 31, 2017
Goal Race: Ventura Half Marathon
Program Fee: $95.00
Description: This training program is designed for runners who are consistently running on average 15 to 20 miles. The training can also be modified to meet specific goals and athletes abilities, including a full marathon.

Speed Sessions 6/28-8/9 More Info »

Program Start: June 28, 2017
Program Schedule: Wednesdays at 6:30pm
Program Fee: $40
Description: 6 week Speed Sessions focused on improving your speed and one week added for a timed miled.

Coaching More Info »

Program Start: No Boundaries- Fall, Winter, Spring Speed Sessions- Twice a year
Program Fee: $40 - $85
Description: Eva coaches the No Boundaries every Fall, Winter, and Spring Dave coaches the Speed Sessions twice a year in the Spring

Weekly Runs More Info »

Program Start: All year long
Program Schedule: Tuesday: 6:30pm, Thursday: 6:30pm, Saturday: 7:00am
Program Fee: Free
Description: Casual fun run/ walk session. Open to everyone.

The 100 Mile Club More Info »

Program Start: All year long
Program Schedule: Tuesday: 6:30pm, Thursday: 6:30pm
Program Fee: Free

Fleet Feet Sports RC Run Club More Info »

Program Start: October 2015
Program Fee: Free
Description: Running to get ready for LA Marathon!

Local Running Groups More Info »

Marathon Checklist More Info »

Success Stories & Testimonials More Info »

Program Start: ex: Sunday, January 18th, 6:00pm
Program Fee: ex: $100 excluding race fee

Want to Learn More? More Info »

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