Sports Bra FIT

Just like running shoes, getting individually FIT for a sports bra is very important to your body.  I, Eva, take the time to measure you and ask about the activity you want to use the bra for.  We at Fleet Feet Sports carry several brands and styles. Having a supportive bra is also important for work.  Whether you are a nurse putting in many walking miles or work in a stock room that requires a lot of walking, bending over and lifting, a great fitting bra will help save the tissue from excess wear and tear.  I always say "once you lose elasticity, you don't get it back."

Schedule a FIT today!  Email me at with the subject title:  Bra Fit and we'll get together to find you the perfect bra.  Or call the store to see if I am in, 477-3338.  Thank you. 

Brooks (formerly Moving Comfort):  Styles:  Juno, Jubralee, Fiona, and Maia

Enell Sport (Oprah made this one famous):  Sizes 0-6 and designed for full support for high impact workouts or physically demanding jobs such as warehouse work, law enforcement, construction, etc.



Handful:  Perfect for everyday comfort and modesty that is perfect for power walks and activities such as yoga.

Nike:  Pro Compression style support in XS, S, M, L, perfect for smaller bust sizes.

If we don't have the size available, we can order it. 

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