Movie- Skid Row Marathon 10/14

SKID ROW MARATHON is an uplifting and inspiring story of an unlikely group of individuals who receive a second chance at life, all brought on by a simple act of kindness.


This award-winning documentary tells the story of criminal court Judge Craig Mitchell, who starts a running club in LA’s Skid Row. He trains a group of addicts and ex-criminals to run marathons, allowing him the chance to change the world in a way that he can’t in his own courtroom. It is a story of hope, friendship and dignity, and reaffirms the notion that when we all become part of the solution real change is possible.  


SKID ROW MARATHON will be in theaters nationwide for a one night on October 14. This offers the perfect opportunity to bring people together to celebrate how one person can make a real difference in this world. And perhaps inspire others to do the same.


Skid Row Marathon website and trailer:

Tickets available here-  Showing at AMC Victoria Gardens and AMC Ontario Mills

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