Demo Runs

Demo Runs


Every month Fleet Feet Sports invites a brand of shoes to host a "demo run" at our store or at an off site location, such as a park or trail.  These events are usually held on either a Tuesday or Thursday during our weekly evening run/walks. The brand will bring a full set of sizes in a couple of different current models.  If you are interested in that brand or model of shoe and INTEND* on buying the shoe from our store, you are welcome to come and try on the shoe and take it for a "test" run/walk on the trail.  We encourage you to come earlier than 6:30 p.m. (when our run/walk starts) to get the size you need and to get some information about the shoe or the brand.  We will then start our run/walk at the usual time.

Important:   If it is your first time joining us for a Tuesday/Thursday run/walk, please sign a waiver and get briefed on the distance and route. 

*There is no purchase necessary after participating in the "demo run" or no obligation to buy a shoe.  These events are open to everybody.  This is service we provide to our customers to give them an opportunity to try out a new brand or type of shoe and also is an opportunity to bring in new customers to our Fleet Feet store.  

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